Humus improves the moisture supply of the soil, protects it from environmental influences and promotes its regeneration.

TerraH is based on the belief that humus, which keeps our earth's skin healthy, also has a positive effect on human skin. So the idea of ​​incorporating humus into nature care began to grow. Little by little we managed to produce a humus extract, which is now the main ingredient in our natural care.

We are pleased to have easily passed the strict quality and skin compatibility tests for natural cosmetics without having to change our recipe or forego the microorganisms contained in the humus.

humic acids

A study shows; Humic acids are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturize, promote cell activity and regeneration. Due to their large surface structure, they are able to bind pollutants and toxins in the skin and support the skin's natural cleansing function. Patients reported faster relief of itching, reduction in inflammation, and pustule formation stopping sooner than usual.

Source: Study Wollina and Abdel-Naser, 2004

Fulvic acids

Fulvic acid is one of the smallest molecules in nature and a natural means of transport for every living organism. Fulvic acid works on a cellular level because, due to its size, it penetrates into the cell wall. It absorbs nutrients and minerals and releases them into the cell. As a result, it protects against skin aging, improves and softens the skin, is good for blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Source: BioAg Europe / Health Solution


The raw material, humus, is lovingly handcrafted in Lower Austria with a lot of dedication and patience. The raw materials used are processed by hand over several weeks using a specially developed and controlled microbial process.

In Schoppernau, a small community in the mountains of Vorarlberg, the humus is processed into our humus extract. The humus is mixed with Schoppernau mountain spring water and supplied with oxygen for several hours. The concentrate is filtered without losing the valuable microorganisms as well as the humic and fulvic acids. The result - our gold shimmering humus extract.

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