About Us

We at TerraH are a young company with our headquarters in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Our commitment to quality and authenticity is demonstrated by the fact that all of our natural care products are bottled and manufactured in our homeland. This not only enables us to use the region's high level of craftsmanship expertise, but also to keep transport routes small.

The picturesque Vorarlberg region offers us an inspiring environment that supports us in developing innovative ideas and harmonious recipes. Each product is made with love and care to capture the unique benefits of nature in the best possible way and reflect them in our products.

At TerraH we rely on natural ingredients and environmentally friendly processes to create a harmonious connection between people and nature. Through sustainability and consideration for the environment, we want to help ensure that our earth's treasures are preserved for future generations.

Our heart beats for the enthusiasm that comes from connecting with nature. That's why we want to share this feeling and make the benefits of the earth accessible to a wide audience. No matter whether young or old, man or woman - we believe that everyone has the right to experience the positive effects of high-quality natural care.

We warmly invite you to become part of our TerraH community and enjoy the power of the earth together with us. Because when we connect with nature, we can develop our true beauty and live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. We are pleased to have easily passed the strict quality and skin compatibility tests for natural cosmetics, without losing ours Having to change the recipe or do without the microorganisms contained in the humus.

Ohne Paraffine oder Parabene
Hergestellt in Österreich